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Introduction: In this blog post, we delve into the five essential strategies that can elevate you to success as a construction project manager. From understanding the core responsibilities of a project manager to unlocking the key behaviors that drive success, we’ll explore the intricacies of this dynamic role. By the end of this journey, you’ll gain a profound understanding of what it truly means to be a construction project manager and how to excel in the field. The Essence of Being a Project Manager: A. Overview of Project Management in Construction
  1. Leading the Team: The core responsibility of a project manager
  2. Full Project Lifecycle: From procurement to closeout and warranty phases
  3. Orchestrating the Entire Project: The project manager as the mastermind
Rediscovering the Grand Vision:
  1. Shifting Perspectives: Moving beyond paperwork and emails
  2. The Pitfall of Becoming a “Professional Email”
  3. Embracing the Vision: Reconnecting with the true essence of project management
Advantages of Project Managers & Superintendents Working Together: A. The Equality Paradigm:
  1. Project Managers and Superintendents as Equal Partners
  2. The Power of Collaboration: Combined efforts leading to success
Winning Over the Superintendent:
  1. The Foundation of Success: Building a strong relationship
  2. The Importance of Alignment: Ensuring harmony for project success
III. Five Key Behaviors of a Successful Project Manager: A. Building the Team:
  1. The First Step: Assembling a high-performing team
  2. References for Success: Patrick Lencioni’s insights
Leading Hard Conversations:
  1. The Reality of Leadership: Embracing difficult discussions
  2. The Higher You Climb: Navigating challenges as a project manager
Managing, Coaching, & Mentoring:
  1. The Triad of Leadership: Direct involvement in team development
  2. Builders of People: Shaping a culture of growth
Running Remarkable Meetings:
  1. The Importance of Effective Meetings: Focused, interesting, and conflict-driven
  2. The Power of Team Unity: Shaping culture through well-conducted meetings
Scaling Communication:
  1. Drive Clear Communication: Ensuring clarity on project goals
  2. Repetition Matters: The seven-time rule for effective communication
Warnings and Best Practices for Project Managers: A. Email Management:
  1. The Email Quandary: Recognizing the pitfalls
  2. Reduce Email Traffic: Leveraging alternative communication methods
Back-to-Back Meetings:
  1. The Perils of Over-Scheduling: The importance of time buffers
  2. Efficiency in Flow: Prioritizing tasks for optimal productivity
Budget Considerations:
  1. Budgets as Guidelines: Avoiding unnecessary constraints
  2. Get People What They Need: The project manager’s role in resource provision
Unveiling the Secret Superpower: A. Reading the Owner’s Mind:
  1. The Psychic Project Manager: Understanding the customer’s desires
  2. Orchestrating Value: Creating a seamless flow for project success
Conclusion: As a construction project manager, mastering these strategies is your pathway to success. From building strong teams to unlocking the secret superpower of understanding the owner’s mind, your journey is bound to be transformative. Like and subscribe to continue receiving valuable insights for excelling in your role. Onward to a successful construction project management career!

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