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The mission of LeanSurvey is to merge the worlds of Field Engineering and Surveying together in the most efficient manner possible. Watch as Brandon Montero leads the way with some of the best practices in the industry.

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Surveying is the practice and science of measuring and mapping the land, its features, and its boundaries. It involves determining the relative positions of points on the Earth’s surface, as well as the distances and angles between them. Surveying is crucial in various fields such as construction, engineering, land development and mapmaking.

What is
Field Engineering?

Field Engineering is the practice of using layout and control techniques on a construction site to control the accuracy and precision of the build. Field Engineers proivde front-line quality and safety management in addition to creating lift drawings, layout and control.

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Elevating Construction Surveyors: Step by Step Guide for Remarkable Surveying in Construction (The Art of the Builder)

By Brandon Montero (Author) | Jason Schroeder (Author)
To be a great surveyor you must learn to merge the application of state of the art procedure and technology with the time tested back-to-basic fundamentals of survey and layout. Concepts like chaining, three-wire-leveling, averaging angles and traversing control are just as applicable today as they have always been. Knowing how to use a total station and data collector does not make a Surveyor.

Our Instructor

Brandon Montero

Lead Trainer | Project Director
Brandon is a true professional. He is one of a rare breed that understands the technology and fundamentals of his trade. He is a professional Surveyor and one of the best Field Engineer trainers ever. He has a full range of mastery. Brandon not only excels in his field form a technical and quality perspective, he is also a fantastic coach, mentor, trainer, and teacher. He is a lead trainer for Field Engineer and Superintendent Boot camps. Brandon is a unicorn and is progressing so quickly he will undoubtedly change the lives of thousands.

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