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LeanTakt provides a wide range of support systems to help you on your journey. LeanTakt provides virtual and on-site education, training, consulting and support to construction professionals, builders and others on construction project scheduling, planning and implementation. Streamline your process. Contact us today!

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Time is money, which is why we streamlined the takt planning process.

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Throw out your spreadsheets. inTakt was custom built for takt planning.

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inTakt works seamlessly on almost any device connected to the internet.

inTakt is a revolutionary web-based construction takt planning tool designed to simplify project management and enhance team collaboration. Get started in just three easy steps, and witness your project come to life with our comprehensive set of features.


Define Takt Zones

Effortlessly create zones and subzones, such as floors and areas within floors, to organize your project.
Floor 1
  • Area A
  • Area B
  • Area C
Floor 2
  • Area A
  • Area B
  • Area C


Identify tasks

Establish the tasks to be completed within each zone, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • paint


set Parameters

Customize dates, work weeks, takt periods, and more. Instantly see the calculated end date and make adjustments in real time.
Work Week
  • M
  • T
  • W
  • T
  • F
  • S
  • S
Takt Period
  • 3 days
Start Date
  • October 19, 2024




May 22, 2023


May 22, 2023


May 22, 2023


May 22, 2023

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inTakt: Streamline Your Construction Takt Planning Process

Discover inTakt, the web-based takt planning tool for construction professionals. Create, manage, and track Takt plans with ease on any device. Get started today!

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