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What is

“Wellness encompasses the pursuit of optimal physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. It involves adopting healthy habits and behaviors that promote overall well-being, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep quality, and social connections. Achieving wellness leads to a balanced and fulfilling life.”

The four Dimensions

Spiritual Wellness

SPIRIT – Spiritual strength is that force that drives us to make sacrifices for others, our nation, and the greater good. It may come from religious faith, heritage, experiences within our communities, the influences of role models, or other sources of inspiration.

Physical Wellness

BODY – Physical Wellness includes expanding our knowledge in taking care of our bodies to optimize our health and how that relates to all other areas of our lives. This includes optimizing sleep, improving nutrition, increasing healthy physical activity and awareness to other ideas of our physical bodies to become an integral part of our lifestyles.

Emotional Wellness

MIND – Mental and Emotional Wellness is a building of an awareness of accepting and regulating our feelings and emotions. It also involves building strength and general feelings of well-being and expanding our tolerance for challenging experiences.

Social Wellness

CONNECTIONS – Social and Emotional Connections help us build more satisfying and positive relationships with our families, our colleagues at work, our friends and people in our community.

Services Offered

Group mental Health coaching

In person coaching

LeanWellness  Bootcamp

Our Instructor

Barbara Egbert Hettinger

Clinical therapist | Mental health counselor

Barbara is a captivating blend of warmth, wisdom, and expertise in the realm of mental health therapy and mental health coaching. As a seasoned clinical therapist and coach, she possesses a profound understanding of the human mind, body, and spirit coupled with a genuine passion for guiding individuals and groups towards inner harmony and peace.

With a radiant presence that shines through her YouTube videos, Barbara effortlessly bridges the gap between profound insights and practical advice, making complex psychological concepts accessible to all. Her soothing voice and empathetic demeanor create a safe space for viewers to explore the depths of their emotions and embark on transformative journeys towards self-discovery.

Drawing from years of life experience, Barbara is not just a therapist or coach; she is a beacon of hope and healing for countless individuals seeking solace in turbulent times. Her innate ability to connect with others on a deep emotional level enables her to offer personalized guidance that resonates with the unique needs of each individual or group she encounters.

In the ever-evolving landscape of mental health and wellness, Barbara stands as a pillar of strength and enlightenment, dedicated to lifting spirits and nurturing the soul. Her unwavering commitment to fostering positive change is not just a profession: it is a calling – a calling she embraces with unwavering grace, compassion, and authenticity.

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