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Elevate Construction exists to build remarkable systems that build the world!

When we are done construction will be as respected as the professions. When we are done high school kids will work in construction because they want to. When we are done every worker will be respected, every leader will be trained, and families at home will be protected and preserved because their loved ones are protected and preserved.

Elevate Construction will improve the lives of everyone that works in construction.
We primarily do that by building remarkable people first

Boot Camps

Superintedent / PM Bootcamp

Ideal for those seeking to lead projects with confidence and competence:
• Superintendent Boot Camp: Energize, drive, and passion for construction leadership.
• Overcome obstacles: Break free from feeling stuck, held back, or low energy on-site.
• Professional growth: Thirst for knowledge and readiness to take the next step in your career.
• In this boot camp you will plan and run a project from beginning to end in a simulation.You will learn the First Planner System™, The Last Planner® System, and the Takt Production System®

Field/Project Engineer Bootcamp

Discover a transformative experience at our “Camp of All Boot Camps” – the Field and Project Engineer Boot Camp. We specialize in molding industry leaders who embody the essence of builders. Our mission is to instill resourcefulness, respect for craftsmanship and people, and fundamental skills that lead to a remarkable life.

In this boot camp, we inspire and unleash the latent power within you, elevating your habits to align with your true potential. Recognizing the vast potential in every generation of builders and construction professionals, we aim to equip them to go the distance and lead remarkable lives.

The vision for this boot camp is simple yet powerful: empower individuals to tackle any challenge, support field heroes effectively, and create builders capable of constructing anything while enjoying the life they desire. We believe there’s no excuse not to live a remarkable life. Join us at the Field Engineer Boot camp, where you’ll return home elevated and ready to conquer new horizons.

Fundamental Builder Bootcamp

Elevate your construction expertise with our comprehensive Fundamental Builder Bootcamp. From personal organization to team dynamics and quality systems, empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the industry.”
Success Formula: Uncover the key elements driving success in the construction industry.
Lean Principles: Introduction and definition of Lean philosophy for enhanced efficiency.
Planning Excellence: Focus on effective planning, scheduling, and material procurement strategies.
Technology Integration: Introduction to technology and its role in construction processes.

Foreman Bootcamp

This boot camp, tailored for foremen, covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for effective construction management.
Clear Communication: Instructions to workers and effective communication.
Resource Management: Ordering equipment and materials effeciently.
Scheduling Proficiency: Basic concepts of Takt Planning & Takt Control.
Comprehensive Training: Technical, quality, safety, and leadership skills development.

Our Instructors

Jason Schroeder

Founder|Chief Operating Officer
Jason Schroeder is a former Field Operations and Project Director. He has worked as a construction leader for 25 years through positions that range from field engineer, to project superintendent, general superintendent and field operations director. He is the Owner and Lead Consultant at Elevate Construction IST, a company focused on elevating construction from coast to coast by providing insights, solutions, and training that create respect in the field, through trained leaders, which ultimately preserves and protects families in construction. He is the creator of the Field Engineer Boot Camp and Superintendent Boot Camp, which are immersive courses that train field leadership.

Brandon Montero

Brandon is a true professional. He is one of a rare breed that understands the technology and fundamentals of his trade. He is a professional Surveyor and one of the best Field Engineer trainers ever. He has a full range of mastery.
Brandon not only excels in his field from a technical and quality perspective, he is also a fantastic coach, mentor, trainer, and teacher. He is a lead trainer for Field Engineer and Superintendent Boot camps. Brandon is a unicorn, and is progressing so quickly, he will undoubtedly change the lives of thousands.

Kevin Rice

Chief Visionary Officer

Kevin is a multiplier. Any idea, vision, or concept you have he will multiply. All permutations of the concept will be analyzed and he will find a way to understand it, make it better, and scale it. Additionally, Kevin tests high as both a visionary and an integrator. I rarely see such high scores, let alone in both categories. Kevin can make anything happen. Full stop. If it’s a mountain, he will climb it. If it is a business, he will start it. If it is an impossible task, he will wrestle it to the ground. Just look at the growth of Elevate Construction since he came on board. Everything began to organize and systematize when he arrived. We now have a machine because he built it. Kevin is building the machine that will change construction for the better.

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