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Commissioning in construction can be an intimidating concept for those new to the industry. However, understanding and mastering this meticulous process is crucial for delivering a fully operational and efficient building. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the complexities of commissioning, providing insights and tips to help you navigate and control the process effectively. 

What is Commissioning in Construction?
Commissioning in construction refers to the meticulous process of ensuring that every component and system within a building functions optimally, meeting design intent and performance standards. It involves a thorough inspection, testing, and verification process to deliver a fully operational project that owners can seamlessly take over.

To simplify, imagine building a human body. Just like a skeletal system, muscles, and skin are essential for the body’s structure, a fully commissioned building requires all its components, including structural elements, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, to work together seamlessly.

Steps to Own the Commissioning Process:

Pre-Commissioning Planning:
-Develop a commissioning plan outlining project goals, scope, responsibilities, and key team members.
-Ensure early engagement in commissioning efforts, starting from the design phase.

Importance of Early Design Reviews:
-Conduct integrated design reviews to ensure the design aligns with commissioning goals.
-Verify that the systems installed meet commissioning execution plan goals.

Commissioning Authority Selection:
-Appoint an authorized and licensed commissioning authority with the right expertise and unbiased perspective.

Pre-Construction Meetings:
-Include commissioning requirements in pre-construction meetings.
-Ensure trade partners are aware of commissioning considerations for mechanical, electrical, and control systems.

Developing Commissioning Specifications:
-Integrate commissioning activities into project specifications.
-Loop in commissioning activities if they haven’t been specified.

Construction Phase Commissioning Activities:
-Implement pre-functional checklists to ensure all requirements are inspected and checked off.
-Engage in point-to-point testing and balancing activities.

Testing Systems:
-Install and connect equipment.
-Conduct pre-functional testing before systems fully communicate.

Post-Occupancy Monitoring and Final Performance Testing:
-Track system performance and make necessary corrections.
-Engage in final commissioning, functional performance testing, and deliver the final commissioning report.

Closeout and Handover:
-Deliver all documents to the owner.
-Ensure the building is functioning properly before handing it over.

Tips for Success in Commissioning:
-Start commissioning efforts early; you’re likely already behind schedule.
-The lead superintendent must understand and manage the commissioning process.
-Integrate commissioning activities into the project schedule.
-Understand the sequence and interaction of commissioning activities.
-Actively participate in commissioning meetings and build strong relationships with inspectors and commissioning agents.

In conclusion, commissioning is a vital aspect of construction that demands proactive engagement and thorough planning. By starting early, asking questions, and being proactive, you can successfully navigate the commissioning process and deliver a fully functional and efficient building. Good luck!

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