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Our services center on three key delivery methods.


Teams must have the right strategic and tactical plan–they must have clarity for where they are going, how they want to do business, and what is important right now. We enable our clients with the right business and operating systems to accomplish their goals.
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People must be effectively trained on these systems.
Projects Support

Project Support

Training will only translate to results if it is delivered with project support. Everyone needs help to get started and make the system stick. Our services deliver remarkable results with consulting, training, and project support.

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Elevating The World

We are elevating individuals, projects, operations, and companies through these brands:

Foundation of Construction Excellence

Elevate construction

Elevate construction exists to bring respect back to trades, through trained leaders, which will ultimately protect and preserve families. Our industry does not need motivation to speed it up–it needs education to turn it around. We provide those insights, solutions, and training through our proven methodologies. Our consulting brings the business and operations together in remarkable ways. Our training galvanizes and enables people. Our project support services prevent failed projects, crash landings, poorly run projects, unsafe conditions, and poor team health. Everyone deserves to win on projects. We will show you how to finish yours with:
  • The project was safe with a remarkable culture
  • The Team was high-functioning & Happy
  • People on the team met their career goals while there & had a well rounded experience
  • The owners & designers are raving fans
  • Trade partners were successful
  • The project was built with High quality
  • The project was within ten percent of the original profit targets

Resources Links

Lookin's free. Touchin's gonna cost you. We provide as many resources as we possibly can for free. You are welcome to them as our free gift to you. If you need help getting results now, please call us and we will get you the results you have been craving.


The people that we see making the most progress toward operational excellence listen to the Elevate Construction podcast daily. The podcast is chalked full of advice for how to run projects and implement lean in construction.


We are working hard on a complete library of books and support resources for you in your role. Check out these books in print and on audio to elevate your career.

Resource Boards

Can you believe we give out this much information for free? We have complete Miro boards full of resources for you in your role. Check it out.


Addicted to YouTube? So are we. So, we are also producing as much content as we possibly can for you in video format. Check it out, and please don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment.