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Do you want to know how you can motivate your people and the truth about motivation? What are your responsibilities in this, and what are some pitfalls to watch out for? We’re going to cover all that right now. 

The Truth About Motivating Employees

Here’s a shocking revelation: You can’t motivate your people. It’s just not a thing. They must be self-motivated. This means that the person is aligned with you, excited about the work, and has decided to show up. So, you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, how do you motivate your people?” Let me explain. It’s your job to not demotivate them. Here are some steps to take you through this process one by one.

Importance of Having a Clear Vision

Are you and your company clear about your vision? This includes your purpose, mission, and core values. If you’re clear about your vision, highly motivated people who share that vision will come to you.

How Your Culture Affects Employee Motivation

Can a highly motivated person’s identity get excited about the work you’re doing? Do you have a culture that enables highly engaged people to be self-motivated? Evaluate if your culture is toxic, negative, or boring. A culture that burns out highly motivated people will not sustain their motivation. Hire hardworking, highly motivated people into a clear and exciting culture they identify with.

How to Create a Culture for Highly Motivated Employees

It’s not about the big things like culture or vision documents on the wall; it’s the micro actions that matter. For example, if you profess a culture of innovation but then shut down new ideas in meetings, there’s a disconnect. Ensure your daily actions align with the culture you promote.

3 Key Things to Provide as a Supervisor

People are inherently good and motivated. To be a great supervisor, provide three key things: connection, relevance, and measurement. Connect with your team genuinely, show them their work’s relevance, and ensure they can measure their success daily.

How Overburdening Leads to Demotivated Employees

Overburdening your employees will kill their motivation. Ensure they have a balance between work and personal life. They need breaks, time to think, and time to decompress. Don’t pressure them with too much stress or overtime.

Importance of Correcting Bad Behaviors in the Workplace

Nothing demotivates employees like seeing bad behavior tolerated. Address toxic behavior and ensure your environment is safe and supportive. This maintains the motivation of your highly motivated employees.

Importance of Creating an Environment for Motivated Employees

Hire motivated employees and create an environment where they can succeed. Command and control the environment to be safe and supportive, allowing your team to be their best selves.

How to Motivate Employees by Giving Them Opportunities to Succeed

Provide opportunities for your employees to succeed and recognize their achievements. Allow them to be authentic, and create an environment where they can express themselves without friction.

Helpful Resources for Motivating Employees

Lead your team properly, provide support, and energize them by amplifying their existing motivation. In the description below, you’ll find an outline of key steps to create this engagement and two book recommendations: “The Truth About Employee Engagement” by Patrick Lencioni and “Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work and What Does.”

Understanding that it’s your job to support and nurture their motivation is crucial. On we go.

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