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Ever have trouble working too many hours? Ever have a hard time getting home? Ever feel like you can’t make improvements daily or do your training? Well, I can help.. Here comes Leader Standard Work.. What is Leader Standard Work?

Leader Standard Work is the process of organizing-by priority-your standard work you do as a leader that will focus you on the 20% of key focuses that will bring to pass 80% of your success.




Here is the process:

  1. Make sure you have a personal organization system that includes a to do list and a calendaring system.

  2. Identify your role and the key things you have to do as a leader to be successful.

  3. Plan your next week in a standard format.

  4. Plug in your family and personal time in your plan first! (See purple above)

  5. Plug in your Leader Standard Work next! (See the Scorecard above)

  6. Plug in standard meetings and other items at the last.

  7. On a daily basis review your to do list, and refine your time blocked tasks for the day in your calendar.

  8. Execute your plan, protect your work, and live a remarkable life.


If you do this, and protect your standard work, you can maximize your effectiveness.

As an example, below is at list of standard work for the Super path. Notice the difference between roles and how the standard work changes:


Field Operations Director

· Develops Leadership Teams

· Ensures Managers are Managing Subordinates

· Engages in Difficult Conversations

· Runs Great Team Meetings

· Communicates Constantly to Employees

· Allocates Regional Manpower

· Trains all Field Resources

· Oversees Department Progress for Field Systems


General Superintendent

· Project Visits Regularly

· Allocates Craft Manpower

· Trains & Develops Field Craft

· Oversees Pre-construction for Field Items

· Develops Lower-Level Superintendents with Mentoring & Training

· Develops Intentional Trade Partner Relationships

· Troubleshoots Projects in Trouble

· Oversees Major Logistical Items in Region

· Studies Current Best Practices Weekly

· Continually Learns Lean Practices

· Builds Cohesive Teams


Senior Superintendent

· Studies Drawings Daily

· Oversees Master Schedule

· Performs Walks of Functional Areas & Aligns

· Builds and Manages Operational Control System Onsite

· Reflection Walks with Lower-Level Superintendents

· Reviews Roadblocks for the Day & Removes

· Allocates Balanced Manpower throughout Project

· Champions Owner Relationship


Project Superintendent

· Studies Drawings Daily

· Oversees Functional Schedule

· Walks Project throughout Day

· Scales Communication to all Field Workers

· Enforces a Safe, Clean, and Organized Project Site

· Directs Logistics

· Removes Roadblocks

· Allocates Manpower

· Champions Procurement & Management of the Supply Chain

· Directs Logistics Carpenters

· Directs Deliveries

· Directs Field Engineers

· Coordinates MEP & Commissioning

· Directs all Complex Logistics such as Cranes, Hoists, and Other Equipment

· Creates and Manages the Schedule

· Directs overall Safety and Quality Program



· Plans & Executes Work

· Studies Drawings Daily

· Manages Short Interval Schedules Daily

· Walks Project Multiple Times a Day

· Champions Safety Systems Onsite

· Runs Day-to-day Scheduling Meetings

· Oversees Quality Inspections


Assistant Superintendent

· Provides a Safety Presence in the Field

· Studies the Drawings Daily

· Walk the Project throughout Day

· Checks PTPs

· Ensures all Crews Have Quality Expectations

· Oversees Self-perform Crews

· Coordinates Issues in Field

· Enforces Logistic Controla

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