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Create Your Logistics Map

Your Logistics Map cannot just be a map you create, post, and use one time. It is a strategic planning tool that will allow you to properly control your project. It should be intelligently designed, easy to follow, nice to look at, and kept up-to-date. Every good superintendent will utilize a system to control logistics in an intentional and remarkable way.


The key to production is not just the work, but effective material supplies to the work.

I remember that we began using a logistics plan for day planning at a pharmacy project where I worked. On the day plan maps, we would identify where materials were to be staged, where work was taking place, and then sent that drawing to every worker in the field. Our forklift operator, crane operator, and foremen began using that map to control the site. It was so remarkable to take a stagnant plan and turn it into a daily planning tool.

Plan the appropriate items and visually communicate to control logistics with the other leaders on the project site. You will want to plan for the following things at a minimum:

  • Area control

  • Clear access ways

  • Trailer position and organization

  • General site configuration and design

  • Flow of deliveries

  • Traffic patterns

  • Pedestrian patterns

  • Site security

  • New utility construction

  • Equipment mobilization and demobilization

  • Loading platforms

  • Pumping

  • Slick lines and placing booms

  • The hoist

  • The crane

  • Equipment staging

  • Staging locations

  • Site signage

Get help when creating your daily logistics plan. If you do this, you will begin the planning of your terrain, which has been a habit throughout centuries with the best generals in war.

Determine the following:

  • Flow of construction

  • Entrances to the Jobsite (You really need 2, if possible)

  • Trailer location (Always get this off-site when possible or out to the construction area)

  • Trade partner offices

  • Dumpster location

  • Temp restrooms (Keep them grouped together NOT all spread out)

  • Material laydown

  • Fire lane

  • Temp water and temp power

  • Parking lots

  • Temp fence

  • Site organization

  • Site signage

  • Emergency gathering points

  • Disaster planning

  • Emergency personnel access and planning

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Also, please download this .pdf template with its toolbox objects.



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