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In my professional escapades, I’ve weathered storms of being yelled at, criticized, threatened, demeaned, and outright disrespected. Strangely, a common thread runs through all these episodes—a lack of cultural fit. It’s a revelation worth dissecting.

— The Misfit Scenario —

Invariably, these individuals, good-hearted and brimming with potential, found themselves at odds with the organization’s culture. They either bid farewell, got the boot, or were shuffled into new roles.

— Why the Outbursts? —

The eruption of emotions—yelling, criticizing, threatening—stems from a natural defense mechanism. As the culture solidifies within a company, those misaligned feel the strain, resorting to these reactions.


Elevating Culture:

When I step into an organization to uplift people and processes, the first order of business is culture. It’s a dynamic entity shaped by the collective actions and beliefs of its people.

— The Necessity of Farewells —

As we strengthen a culture, there’s an inevitable parting of ways. Good people must GO! Not because they’re unworthy but because they’re steering in a different direction.

Making Strides:

Every successful company I encounter takes massive steps in the right direction—putting the right people on the bus, escorting the wrong ones off, and ensuring the right people occupy the right seats. 📈

Why Share This Now?

As we transition from the holiday season to a new year, ponder this:

↪ 1. Have you bid farewell to cultural misfits?


↪ 2. Have you, as a stellar individual, recognized a misalignment with your company’s culture and taken steps to rectify it?

If your answer is no, rest assured, your journey toward full potential, both as a company and an individual, is hindered. You deserve better.

Key Performance Indicator:

“There is no way, and I mean literally no way, to progress beyond your team’s organization without assessing: ‘What percentage of the right people do I have in key seats?'”

A Reminder:

 ↗ Half of FastCap’s workforce departed during Paul Akers’ lean transformation.

↗ Netflix experienced a similar pattern in their early days.

↗ This recurring theme isn’t unique; it surfaces in every company I collaborate with.

If this cultural recalibration hasn’t touched your organization yet, consider it your next crucial step towards growth and success.

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