An Innovative Training that will help you take your next step as a superintendent. Taught by the leading Construction Field Expert

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Ideal for those seeking to lead projects with confidence and competence:

• Superintendent Boot Camp: Energize, drive, and passion for construction leadership.

• Overcome obstacles: Break free from feeling stuck, held back, or low energy on-site.

• Professional growth: Thirst for knowledge and readiness to take the next step in your career.

Work in Teams
Hands On
Real Life Practice
In Person Learning Experience
Ask your Project Specific Questions
Follow Up Support Included
Step 1 for Alpha Certification

Ready for work-life balance? Master the fundamentals of your role!

“I cannot overstate the growth and development gained from this experience. Just an awesome group of people who facilitate with love and compassion!”

Join the Other Construction Companies Taking this World Class Training for Superintendents

Superintendent Are Our Most Valuable Role

Field Resume

  • Worked with Multiple Top ENR Contractors
  • Hundreds of Projects Managed
  • Large Projects Specialist
  • 25 Years Construction Experience
  • Recovered Dozens of Failing Projects
  • Stabilizes Project Delivery
  • Leading US Expert on Supers & Takt & Internationally Recognized
  • Author of “Elevating Construction Superintendents”


Superintendent Bootcamp™

Field Engineer Bootcamp™