Lauren Atwell

President & COO
The first podcast of Jason Schroeder’s I listened to was on Zero Tolerance and it hit home. We reached out to him to share that message with our Superintendents and what started as a lesson turned into a transformation. Jason and the Elevate team have helped Petticoat Schmitt identify, develop, document, and train our people on our project delivery system. There is so much more to the Elevate team than providing training. With their help, we are improving the lives of our teammates.

Andy Beach

They Listen!
“The most impressive part about Elevate Construction is their team’s intuition. We throw out seemingly impossible ideas, and they turn them into polished, ready-to-go solutions.
They are not just efficient and effective, but bring invaluable insights and experience from other projects to our jobs. They take the time to understand our needs and aren’t afraid to offer out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. It’s refreshing to work with people who listen and think creatively.
The training is thorough, the tools are endless, and most importantly, they are helping change the construction industry at its core by putting the focus on humanity.”

Scott Butler

We Started Finishing on Time!
“Our experience with Elevate and Takt has been transformative. We currently build 4 overlapping projects- around 800 units at a time, and prior to our involvement with Kevin and Jason and the rest of the team we struggled endlessly with scheduling, delays, lack of transparency, chaos, overtime etc…
We tried MS Project schedules, milestones with trades on site coming up with the 3 week lookahead, none of it worked. Our schedules were ignored the minute we sent them out and the foremen would go decide on their own how things were going to happen (which certainly wasn’t optimal and did not lead to great cooperation).
The transparency and visibility of the system allowed the foremen on site to actually start talking about the schedule and remove roadblocks ahead of hitting them, which has allowed us to actually stay on schedule for the first time in 5 years. The biggest endorsement I can give is that once we transitioned to Takt on a 3 building, 240 unit site last August, we have not changed the occupancy date or move in dates on all three buildings, with the last building receiving occupancy this month, all three buildings finishing on the same schedule that was set last August.“

Brad Chojnacki

The Alan Group
Teaching Old Dogs!
“Those that say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks have never met Jason and the team at Elevate Construction. Elevate helped our team unlock its true potential. Jason Schroeder is the Yoda of construction.”

Jimmy Henderson


We are a champion for Elevate!
“We didn’t just implement the TAKT scheduling system. We trained through the entire process and developed a new guideline system for our onsite delivery. There is a tremendous amount of information that had to be learned, developed, and implemented. I highly recommend Elevate to achieve this!!!
There was a major emphasis on visual communication, accountability, site culture, trade partner respect, collaboration to develop scheduling and roadblock removal and much more. These are just a few of the changes that I really loved about this process. We have about 4 projects under our belt with this new system and all the projects finished on or before time and the on-site culture was much better. This is a win in my book!!!
Getting complacent team members and trade partners to try something new can be difficult. There is a ton of training that must be done downstream. I expressed to our team that we must be educated to educate for this to be successful. This never lets up in my opinion.
The engineers are brilliant and at times, way over my head!! Their passion for industry change is unmatched in my humble opinion. This has been a game changer for my company. The TAKT system is so much easier to read and disseminate potential problems faster. Because the software for this program is still in a very infant stage, we have chosen to stay the course utilizing Excel. It is a little more cumbersome, but I have been ok with that. I stress that our Superintendent’s need to slow down and think more and there is no option but to slow down with this scheduling process.
Be prepared to lose some “unwilling to change” team members. That was a sacrifice that I was willing to make for the good of my company and our industry as a whole. These guys that are set in their ways and choosing to stonewall change, will eventually get left behind.
As you can probably see, I am a champion for Elevate and this process! I believe our entire industry needs to adopt this process so we can be better prepared to face all the difficulties that have developed over all these years.”