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What is a Project Administrator?

  • Coordinates project activities, manages schedules, and ensures timely completion of deliverables.
  •  Supports the project by breaking it down into manageable steps.
  •  Manages administrative functions, including creating workflows, analyzing risks, and maintaining project documentation.

How Project Administrators Provide Stability:

1. Orientation and Documentation:
  • Manages project orientations, signage, and documentation.
  • Ensures the smooth operation of weekly tasks, providing stability for the team.
2. Consistency in Systems:
  • Handles various systems and processes to maintain consistency.
  • Prevents inconsistencies that might arise if different team members manage these tasks.
3. Enforcing Standards:
  • Ensures compliance with training, onboarding, safety, and quality standards.
  • Maintains a consistent level of quality by meeting established standards.
4. Enabling Leaders to Focus:
  • Allows project managers and superintendents to focus on higher-risk tasks.
  • Frees up leaders to make critical decisions and coordinate major efforts.

Tips for Partnering Effectively with Project Administrators:

For Project Leaders:

1. Respect Their Role:
  •  Recognize the importance of the project administrator’s role in creating stability.
  •  Avoid delegating only undesirable tasks but appreciate their contribution.
2. Address Their Needs:
  •  Regularly ask project administrators about their needs and challenges.
  •  Ensure they have the tools and support necessary for their role.
3. Make Them Feel Special:
  •  Show appreciation with small gestures like gift cards, flowers, or notes.
  •  Acknowledge the importance of their role in creating a stable project environment.
4. Provide Clear Instructions:
  •  Clearly communicate expectations, assignments, and workflows.
  •  Ensure project administrators have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.
5. Always Reduce Waste:
  •  Collaborate on continuous improvement and waste reduction.
  •  Eliminate unnecessary tasks to focus on value-added activities.

For Project Administrators:

1. Keep Things Stable:
  •  Prioritize stability to enhance the overall project experience.
  •  Identify and remove roadblocks to maintain a smooth workflow.
2. Help Other Team Members:
  •  Focus on supporting the entire team to ensure their relevance.
  •  Collaborate with leaders to minimize distractions and enable them to concentrate on critical tasks.
3. Seek Recognition for Your Role:
  •  Request acknowledgment for the vital role you play in project stability.
  •  Ensure that your efforts are recognized and valued by the project team.
4. Contribute to Continuous Improvement:
  •  Actively participate in continuous improvement initiatives.
  •  Work towards enhancing efficiency and reducing waste within your role.

What Success Looks Like:

Success in the role of a project administrator results in a well-organized, stable project site where everyone can efficiently carry out their responsibilities. Workers, foremen, designers, vendors, architects, and owners experience a welcoming and professional environment that allows them to focus on their tasks without distraction.


Understanding and appreciating the role of a project administrator is crucial for the success of construction projects. By implementing the tips and strategies mentioned above, you can foster a strong partnership with project administrators, leading to more streamlined and efficient project management.

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