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Have you ever seen anything like this? Just giving away tools like this? Well, just remember you are part of the Elevate family, and we will share everything we can with you. So here is a complete guide to our meeting system.

In the dynamic realm of project management, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the cornerstones of success. At Elevate, we believe in not just sharing tools but empowering our community with a wealth of resources. As a valued member of the Elevate family, we are thrilled to present a comprehensive guide to our


 meeting system—a gift from us to you.


As I reflect my journey in the industry, a few key convictions have emerged:

  • Good Meetings Save Time

Meetings, often considered the price we pay to be on the same page, are invaluable investments that can significantly save time in the long run.

  • Visual Tools Drive Discussion

Effective discussions require something tangible to look at and discuss. Visual aids play a pivotal role in fostering engagement and understanding.

  • Collaborative Issue Resolution

To have a proper discussion, it’s essential to identify, discuss, and solve issues collaboratively as a team.

  • Flow Beyond the Field

Project flow extends beyond the physical realm. Information should seamlessly flow from the inception of a plan to each worker on-site, ensuring a continuous and efficient workflow.

  • The Power of Rhythm

Humans thrive on rhythm, and establishing a meeting rhythm contributes to better teamwork and productivity.

  • Teams Meet as Teams

For teams to truly function as cohesive units, regular meetings are not just beneficial; they are essential.

So, here’s a glimpse into the Elevate meeting system—a proven approach that has yielded success over many years.

As part of our commitment to your success, we are in the process of designing visual boards tailored for your conference room or huddle area. Additionally, stay tuned for our upcoming book, where we delve into the art of creating flow in the field.

At Elevate, we’re not just building structures; we’re building a community of empowered and informed professionals. Here’s to your continued success!  

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