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In this blog, we’re going to explore a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of construction project management: the buyout process. This phase is vital as it supports your procurement efforts and sets the stage for successful project execution. By following these 10 steps, you can ensure a remarkable buyout process for your project. 

What is Buyout in Construction?

In case you’re wondering what buyout is, it involves hiring trade partners to execute specific tasks. These partners are then responsible for purchasing materials, completing submittals, and ensuring the right information is available for fabrication and delivery. The buyout process is about securing the right trade partners to bring labor, tools, equipment, and experience to the work package.

  1. Pre-Buyout Planning

Start with thorough pre-buyout planning. Complete your budget and ensure it is vetted and comprehensive. Prepare your bid package, including the budget, schedule, logistics, project information, scope, contract documents, plans, and specs. This preparation is essential for attracting top-notch trade partners.

  1. Preparing Your Bid Package Professionally

Gather all necessary drawings, specs, scopes of work, and contract terms. Identify and pre-qualify potential trade partners and suppliers, ensuring your bid packages are sent to those who meet your criteria.

  1. Bid Solicitation

Send out the bid packages, providing clear instructions and deadlines. Conduct pre-bid meetings and site walks as necessary to ensure potential trade partners understand the project requirements.

  1. Bid Analysis and Evaluation

Carefully analyze and evaluate each bid proposal. Ensure the trade partners meet pre-qualification standards and that their information is accurate. Evaluate both qualifications and price to make informed decisions.

  1. Trade Partner Selection

Distinguish between trades that require extensive meetings and those that do not. For crucial trades like concrete, exterior, elevators, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, framing, casework, and flooring, conduct thorough interviews and discussions before making selections.

  1. Preparing for an Executed Contract

Once a trade partner is selected based on best value, prepare the contract with all inclusions and exclusions. Negotiate to ensure a complete scope and get the contractor to sign the contract.

  1. Importance of Having a Kickoff Meeting

Conduct a kickoff meeting with the selected trade partner, covering pre-mobilization requirements such as submittals, quality plans, safety plans, and emergency contacts. This meeting sets clear expectations before work begins.

  1. Starting the Procurement Phase

Immediately begin the procurement phase. Assist the trade partner in breaking down submittal packages to ensure timely approval and issuance of purchase orders. Align procurement with the project’s critical dates and the material inventory buffer.

  1. Monitoring Inclusions & Exclusions

Throughout the project, monitor the trade partners to ensure they adhere to the contract’s inclusions and exclusions. Provide feedback to the business development, estimating, and pre-construction teams to improve future projects.

  1. Importance of Documenting Everything

Ensure all contracts, insurance, and compliance items are thoroughly documented and reviewed. Do not start work until all pre-qualifications and compliance items are 100% complete. Documentation is key to covering all bases and ensuring project success.

The Key to a Successful Buyout Process

The key to a successful buyout process is to meticulously work backward from your work package, identifying the supply chain steps and ensuring timely material delivery. Track this process with a log or software, and review insurance in weekly team meetings. Being proactive with buyout is crucial for starting the project on time.

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