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In this Blog Post, we discuss the roles and responsibilities of a General Superintendent (GS) in construction, and how they oversee various projects and teams. 

  1. Roles of a GS:
    • GSs manage multiple small or large projects, often with varying degrees of travel.
    • In larger companies, GSs might oversee large, complex projects with dedicated superintendents for different functional areas.
  2. Key Qualities of a GS:
    • Master Builder: Extensive experience in complex projects, scheduling, lean construction, and project management.
    • Team Builder: Must effectively manage and unite teams, handle conflicts, and be respected by team members.
    • Experienced: Must have a strong background in relevant processes, building types, and successful project completions.
    • Mentor and Teacher: Ability to train and mentor the next generation of builders.
    • Oversee Project Managers: Must supervise and support project managers effectively.
  3. When GS Roles Work Well:
    • Accountability: GSs must hold teams accountable through respect and influence.
    • Monitoring Costs and Schedule: GSs should summarize and monitor project costs and schedules at a high level.
    • Responsibility for Numbers: GSs should be involved in financial and scheduling meetings to stay connected to project outcomes.
    • Focus: GSs should be able to concentrate on their projects without being bogged down by administrative tasks.
  4. Common Issues with GS Roles:
    • Lack of Accountability: GSs must be responsible for project results.
    • Insufficient Training and Coaching Time: GSs should spend meaningful time training and supporting project teams.
    • Distraction: GSs should not be overloaded with proposals or business meetings.
    • Playing Savior: GSs should avoid shielding teams from necessary business realities and instead foster problem-solving within the team.
  5. Recommendations:
    • Companies should ensure GSs are actively involved in projects and not just administrative roles.
    • GSs should be well-compensated and valued for their contributions to the organization.

The GS position is vital for project success, and with the right approach, it can significantly benefit the construction industry.

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