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You are definitely going to want to check out this content unless you want to spend the rest of your career in hell. So, what are the things that create a happy environment? And what are some things that you can do for yourself to create a happy environment? We’re going to cover that right now. Let’s dive into it! 

Common Reasons Why People Have Fun at Work

People have fun with their work or at work when they find their work fulfilling. When people feel like they’re accomplishing something, they really have fun at work. Here are some key factors:

  • Feeling Appreciated: When somebody stops by and takes time to say thank you or good job.
  • Being Themselves: When they feel they can be themselves and express their personalities.
  • Liking Their Colleagues: When they like the people they work with, including their boss. Working with friendly people is significantly better and happier in the long run than working with unfriendly people.
  • Knowing Their Jobs Are Valued: People need to know that what they do matters to the boss and to the company.
  • Believing in the Mission: When people believe in the mission of their company and their project.
  • Being Treated with Respect: When they feel they’re treated with respect and have a true sense of ownership.
  • Working in Integrity: When they don’t have to check their values at the door. Most people would rather work in a place of integrity, where they can live that integrity instead of being asked to do things that are contrary to their values.
  • Celebrating Success: When success is celebrated amongst the team. People like to win and celebrate victories.
  • Being Allowed to Make Mistakes: When they’re not punished for making mistakes. Thomas Edison once said, “People would never fly if they didn’t make mistakes.”
  • Not Being Scapegoated: When people are not turned into scapegoats when something goes wrong.
  • Sharing Credit: When credit is shared and friends and family think the job is cool.

This list, inspired by the book “Do The Right Thing” about Southwest Airlines, highlights some of the fundamental reasons why people enjoy their work. I implemented it with my team at the Bioscience Research Laboratory, and it worked wonders.

What You Can Do to Show Up Happy at Work

Even if your environment isn’t perfect, there are still things you can do to ensure you have a happy workday. Here are some strategies:

Plan Your Day

You cannot start your day until it’s finished on paper. Planning your day involves creating a “day-tight compartment,” meaning you plan your tasks, time block your activities, and include buffers for breaks. This approach helps you feel accomplished and reduces stress.

Have Hard Conversations

Unresolved interpersonal conflicts can create unhappiness. Addressing issues with colleagues or your boss through honest conversations can improve your work environment. For example, saying, “Hey, I noticed this, can we work on this?” can make a significant difference.

Solve Real Problems

If something is stressing you out, identify it, discuss it, and solve it. Addressing roadblocks and finding solutions helps you maintain a sense of equilibrium and reduces stress.

Encourage Team Balance and Health

Weekly team meetings to discuss personal time off (PTO), coverage, and self-care can help ensure everyone on your team can take care of themselves without added stress. This promotes a balanced work-life environment.

Plan Buffers in Your Day

Include breaks in your schedule. Plan a nice lunch break, a few short breaks, and time to grab a coffee. Avoid back-to-back meetings and being a victim to emails all day. Breaks and buffers are essential for maintaining productivity and well-being.

Work According to Your Purpose

Ensure your work aligns with your genuine purpose. Reflect on whether your job is where you want to be, if it makes you feel valued, and if you are part of a great team. Working towards this alignment will increase your happiness at work.

Create a Great Working Environment

Your physical workspace matters. Keep your desk clean and organized, and ensure your environment is aesthetically pleasing. A stable outer order leads to inner calm.

Find Ways to Win

Engage in tasks that you enjoy and excel at. Whether it’s organizing, running meetings, or creating visuals, do something that makes you feel accomplished and proud each day.

Connect with People at Work

Building good relationships with colleagues can make work more enjoyable. Having friends at work and connecting with interesting people can significantly enhance your work experience.

Make Happiness Intentional

To consistently feel happy at work, reflect on when you were happiest. Ask yourself:

  • What was I doing when I was happy?
  • What was I saying to myself?
  • What was my body language like?

Identify these elements and try to replicate them in your daily work life. Shape your environment and your mindset to align with what makes you happy.

Learn More with These Resources

I’ll link you to some graphics and checklists that can help you design a remarkable workplace for yourself. Align your work with your genuine place of purpose and strive for a fulfilling and enjoyable work life. I hope you get there. On we go!

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