About Us 2

Elevate Construction exists to build remarkable systems that build the world!

When we are done construction will be as respected as the professions. When we are done high school kids will work in construction because they want to. When we are done every worker will be respected, every leader will be trained, and families at home will be protected and preserved because their loved ones are protected and preserved. Elevate Construction will improve the lives of everyone that works in construction.



To build remarkable people &
systems that build the world!


After learning how to be a builder for 14 years at Hensel Phelps, learning culture, lean, and scheduling at DPR for 4 years, and applying lean methodologies and builder fundamentals on hundreds of projects as a general superintendent and director, Jason began Elevate Construction with his partner Kate Schroeder for the purpose of scaling operational excellence. We do not have to accept failed projects. We can win on ever project every time.



Field Operations

We are open about who we are, how we feel and what we think. We share emails, messages, decisions, and information that helps the team work together. We do not keep secrets and we do not silo.
We answer everything by asking, “what would respect people?” What would respect our employees, our customers, society, and ourselves. We do not do things that disrespects people.
We always do the right thing regardless of the consequences. When we are faced with a moral, ethical, or legal dilemma, the decision has already been made.
We do not just charge customers-we deliver value to clients. We are not in this to give advice and help. We do this to drive and change the industry. We are top performers and we work with top performers.

We Honey Badger all of our assignments and figure things out. We follow Schroeder’s Law.

Schroeder’s Law:

It’s better to make mistakes and fail with a growth mindset and an understanding team than it is to play it safe and go slow. Figure things out! Be the Honey Badger!!
We want people to be truly happy and passionate about working here. If you are into changing the world and inspiring people, this is your place. We want to work with fulfilled and happy people.


If you want it done you call us. We are builders. We have run projects and have a proven track record. Would you rather trust a consultant who gives advice, or a builder that gets it done. We deliver results.

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