The Norm Level Takt Plan is a more detailed schedule that breaks down the project day by day, optimizing all phases for improved performance. This plan gall also includes all the elements of the Macro Level Takt Plan.

Our Services


Our Macro Level Takt Plan service provides a comprehensive overview of your entire project on a single page, including key milestones, phases, ne maps, and critical information. This allows for early decision-making and a weekly focus on project progression.


Our Procurement Log helps you keep track of all your project purchases, ensuring you have a detailed record of every item acquired and its corresponding cost.


The Visuals & Signage service provides clear and effective visual communication tools for your project, helping to guide personnel and ensure safety and efficiency on the job site.


The Look Ahead Schedule allows you to plan and anticipate he upcoming activities and tasks in your project, helping you stay ahead of schedule and avoid potential delays.


Our Roadblock Tracking Map helps you identify and monor any obstacles or challenges that may arise during your project, allowing you to address them proactively and keep your project on track.


The Logistics Plan service ensures the efficient and effective managment of resources, materials, and personnel throughout your project, optimizing every aspect of the operation.


Our Weekly Work Plan provides a detailed schedule of the task and activities to be carried out each week, helping you stay organized and on track.


The Weekly Schedule Updates is a comprehensive report sent via email, detailing the progress and accomplishments of your project over the past week.


Our Meeting System ensures effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, facilitating decision-making and problem-solving.


The Risk & Opportunity Analysis service helps you identify and assess potential risks and opportunities in your project, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize outcomes.


Our Trailer Design - 3D Model service provides a detailed and realistic representation of your project, allowing you to visualize the final product and make any necessary adjustments before construction begins.

Level 2 - Norm

Elevate your project management experience with our extended service offering, going beyond the Macro level 1. In addition to covering all essential macro-level service items, our dedicated team of Lean Engineers is ready to collaborate closely with your project team. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and streamline operations through the development of a tailored production schedule.
By choosing our Comprehensive Service Package, you not only benefit from our proven Macro-level services but also gain a dedicated team of experts committed to optimizing your project’s performance. Let us empower your project with precision, efficiency, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

“The first podcast of Jason Schroeder’s I listened to was on Zero Tolerance and it hit home. We reached out to him to share that message with our Superintendents and what started as a lesson turned into a transformation. Jason and the Elevate team have helped Petticoat Schmitt identify, develop, document, and train our people on our project delivery system. There is so much more to the Elevate team than providing training. With their help, we are improving the lives of our teammates.”

Lauren Atwell / President & COO

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

“The most impressive part about Elevate Construction is their team’s intuition. We throw out seemingly impossible ideas, and they turn them into polished, ready-to-go solutions. They are not just efficient and effective, but bring invaluable insights and experience from other projects to our jobs. They take the time to understand our needs and aren’t afraid to offer out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. It’s refreshing to work with people who listen and think creatively. The training is thorough, the tools are endless, and most importantly, they are helping change the construction industry at its core by putting the focus on humanity.”

Andy Beach / CEO

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

“Our experience with Elevate and Takt has been transformative. We currently build 4 overlapping projects- around 800 units at a time, and prior to our involvement with Kevin and Jason and the rest of the team we struggled endlessly with scheduling, delays, lack of transparency, chaos, overtime etc… We tried MS Project schedules, milestones with trades on site coming up with the 3 week lookahead, none of it worked. Our schedules were ignored the minute we sent them out and the foremen would go decide on their own how things were going to happen (which certainly wasn’t optimal and did not lead to great cooperation). “

Scott Butler / CEO

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

“Those that say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks have never met Jason and the team at Elevate Construction. Elevate helped our team unlock its true potential. Jason Schroeder is the Yoda of construction.”

Brad Chojnacki / The Alan Group

Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

“We didn’t just implement the TAKT scheduling system. We trained through the entire process and developed a new guideline system for our onsite delivery. There is a tremendous amount of information that had to be learned, developed, and implemented. "

Jimmy Henderson