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Unlock your Construction Project Efficiency with The Takt Production System ®

Are you tired of project delays and cost overruns?​

Want to revolutionize your construction project management skills? exceed client expectations?​​

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In this training you will learn...

Means & Methods

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Once you have completed the course and some criteria, you will have your certification.


Join an exclusive community of like-minded professionals.


Access invaluable resources and tools.


Receive hands-on training with real-world examples.


After class support included.


Lifetime Access to the course in Miro Board.

Joint the many of Construction companies Managing their projects with takt.

Become a takt master and get your certification​

Jason Schroeder

Founder|Chief Operating Officer

Taught by:

Jason Schroeder is a former Field Operations and Project Director. He has worked as a construction leader for 22 years through positions that range from field engineer, to project superintendent, general superintendent and field operations director. He is the Owner and Lead Consultant at Elevate Construction IST, a company focused on elevating construction from coast to coast by providing insights, solutions, and training that create respect in the field, through trained leaders, which ultimately preserves and protects families in construction. He is the creator of the Field Engineer Boot Camp and Superintendent Boot Camp, which are immersive courses that train field leadership.

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Are you ready to become a takt master.

I knew I would have to participate during UPW, but I didn’t realize how much energy was required. But once I got there… It was awesome.

Zach Dennis - Takt Master​

I feel like a 20-foot giant who has awoken, ready to tear through anything in my way. I’m going to take that focus from UPW and apply it to everything in my life!

Adam Hoots - Takt Master​

Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within gives you the ability to change your behavior and ultimately, change your destiny for life.

Jackee & Jason - Takt Master​