First Planner System 3

Build the path to success with First Planner System.®

Proposal Phase

Build The Pre-con Team

Adapt & Enable Design

Plan With Builders

Prepare to Start Strong

Design & Pre-Construction

We use our time in design & Pre-construction to
setup the right lean project management system.

The Production System

The Team

The Plan

The Supply Chain

The Culture


General overview

The Integrated Production Control System™ has three components: The First Planner System™, the Last Planner® System, and The Takt Production System®. They cover the planning of a project, the project systems for running a lean project, and scheduling/controlling a project. Each system must be understood independently, and as it relates to the other two. Only when you are operating with the Integrated Production Control System™, unifying all phases and teams, are you able to reduce variation to the point of no impact, control the flow, and predict project success.

Integrated production
control system™ (IPCS™)

First Planner System®

The First Planner System™ is successfully implemented when the team and the individual are healthy and balanced. We believe that a work/life balance means that we can be fulfilled and successful at work, and therefore take our satisfaction and contentment home and continue to build upon those feelings.

The Production system

Designed to integrate all critical design and pre-construction elements, this system ensures the creation of an optimal project management structure. Its thorough approach guarantees that every aspect of the project is meticulously planned, paving the way for a successful construction phase. See the detailed descriptions below:


Represents the formation and development of the project team, including defining roles, responsibilities, and communication strategies. Ensuring the right mix of skills and expertise is crucial for project success.


Involves creating a comprehensive project plan that outlines the scope, timeline, budget, and key milestones. This detailed planning phase sets the foundation for all subsequent project activities.

Supply Chain

Focuses on managing the procurement and logistics of materials and services needed for the project. Effective supply chain management ensures timely delivery and cost efficiency.


Emphasizes building a strong project culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of purpose among team members. A positive culture drives engagement and motivation.


Involves providing ongoing training and development opportunities for team members to enhance their skills and knowledge. Continuous learning ensures the team is equipped to meet project challenges and adapt to new demands.

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Integrated Production Control System™

First Planner System™

External Factors & System Leverage Points

  • 1. Power to see the Paradigm
  • 2. Mindsets & Paradigms
  • 3. Goals of the system
  • 4. Structure of the system
  • 5. Rules of the system

Design & Pre-construction

  • 1. Win the project
  • 2. Build the team & set parameters
  • 3. Adapt & Enable the design team
  • 4. Develop the plan with the builders & communicate
  • 5. Prepare to start strong

Lean Project Management

  • Team: Build the team, win over the Workforce, Onboarding & Orientation, Clean, Safe & Organized Project
  • Culture: Quality & Standards, Lean Culture, Individual & Team Balance
  • Plan: Plan & Schedule, Lean in contracts, Risk & Oppotunity Register
  • Supply Chain: BIM Coordination & Procurement, Pre-fabrication & Logistics Systems
  • Training: Basic training, Role training & Master builder trainin g

Takt Production System®

Takt Plan

  • 1. Takt plan creation
  • 2. Schedule use & Management
  • 3. First & Last Planner® Collaboration

Takt Steering & Control

  • 1. Constraint Management
  • 2. Roadblock Removal
  • 3. Zone Control
  • 4. Delay Management


  • 1. Zero Tolerance
  • 2. Daily Correction System
  • 3. Quality at the Source
  • 4. Contractor Grading
  • 5. Team Health Score

Quality & Continuous Improvement

  • 1. Quality
  • 2. Continuous Improvement
  • 3. Customer Needs & Wants


  • 1. Conditions of Satisfactions (CoS)
  • 2. Leading Indicators

Last Planner® System

Last Planner® System

  • 1. Meeting & Hunddle System
  • 2. Collaboration
  • 3. Planning Deliverables

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